Why Get a Custom Engagement Ring

Engagement season is right around the corner and it’s never too late to get a jump on your forever plans. Are you searching for the right engagement ring or the perfect anniversary gift? At Sterling Promise Inc. our specialty is custom engagement rings, and we’re here to share with you the many reasons to invest in a custom engagement ring. If you’re on the fence about custom jewelry, keep reading!

What does a custom ring mean? Custom can mean whatever you’d like. If the ring you have in mind already exists, you can alter it as much or as little as you’d like. If you want an ethically sourced diamond, then we can recreate a ring with the right diamond and make it custom. 

What makes a custom engagement ring?

The idea of a custom ring can seem intimidating. If fact, you may hear the words custom and diamonds in the same sentence and run in the other direction. The truth is, some companies make custom engagement rings complicated, but the process can be very simple and straightforward, especially if you work with a certified gemologist. 

One thing to know about custom engagement rings is that you do not have to be a sketch artist, a creative genius, or even have extensive knowledge about diamonds to create a beautiful custom engagement ring. Whether you know every detail from start to finish, or you just have the general shape or stone in mind, you can create a custom piece of jewelry.

Why should you create a custom engagement ring?

You get exactly what you want. Don’t compromise when it comes to forever! If you’ve found the perfect stone, don’t settle for the wrong band or a setting you don’t love. We can bring your dream ring to life. 

You can be a part of the creative process. Getting engaged is a personal experience. You can shop from a screen or a store, or you can slowly watch the ring come into reality. Play an important role in this traditional symbol of commitment. 

Custom jewelry tells your unique story. Get your story engraved into the band, repurpose a family heirloom, or decide on a stone that has significant meaning to your story. There are endless ways of incorporating your story into your ring. 

The options are endless. You may be more creative than you think. Pick what you love from other rings and bring something brand new to life, from the stone, cut, setting, band, metal type, engraving, and more!

Is it cheaper to custom-make an engagement ring?

The great thing about custom rings is that you can decide where you spend your money. If you want a higher-quality diamond and the band isn’t as important, then you can make that decision. Sterling Promise Inc. is also great at helping our customers save. With years of experience, we can share with you industry secrets that can help you cut costs and help you navigate the gray areas of buying a diamond.

Bring your own design to the table

Have you always had your dream ring in mind, but when it comes time to find it, you’re struggling? Do you find yourself sketching ring designs on napkins and in margins? Do you find yourself struggling to choose between two rings? 

Sterling Promise Inc. has the answer. Create a custom piece. Bring your sketches, bring your ideas, and we’ll give you a free, one-on-one consultation! We’ve created hundreds of custom rings that started as nothing more than a few scribbles on a page! We’re even offering a free information packet that will break down the basics of diamond buying for you, completely free. Click here to take the first steps toward your new ring.

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